Jennifer Goldstein

About Books

Print and Digital

Eye-catching design, smart layouts, appealing images and organization are cornerstones to good catalog design. Give space for all your products and important information instead of loading the page full of information. White space is crucial to the layout. Print seems old school in today’s digital age and lots of consumers do their shopping online, but think about it this way, catalogs and booklets reach a consumers doorstep and can stick around the house for several months. An email can be forgotten and deleted in a few days.

I’ve also designed books online. These are interesting because you can draw the viewer in using various methods with video and interactive elements. ebooks are beginning to change the way information is created, disseminated and viewed. Same great book but digital. Easy to view and store. But is it forgotten more quickly?

Both print and digital books have their advantages and disadvantages. People claim that print is dead. It’s a valid claim considering how things have changed in the last 20 years. It all depends on how you look at it.

Jennifer Goldstein